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Professional sanitation

With a great social commitment and provided with the most reliable equipment for the application of high capacity bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal disinfectants, we will assist you in the task of sanitizing your environment without residual effects.

Custom technical solutions

Our long trajectory supports us; we develop mobile applications, web applications and custom software to offer the perfect formula to materialize your ideas technologically and digitally.

Safety Products

Safety Products was born as a result of the complex situation and environment that we currently live in. The team at Safety has put their extensive wealth of experience together to create solutions to allow the world to return to “normal” allowing for labour and social reactivation in a safe manner. Our solutions combine artificial intelligence, biosecurity and integrated technology, and as a result provide the most complete and powerful intelligent bacteriostatic and sterilising equipment available, our alcohol-free solutions disinfect in 15 to 30 seconds.

Our Safety Products

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In a hyper connected world, the access to products and services has to be a simple, fast and intuitive process, which is why artificial intelligence tools are constantly provided on our platform to simplify interaction with the needs of people, institutions and industries. We are here to bring technology closer to people.

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