About Us

Blue BioSafety and Bluetunnel are brands created under the initiative of Uph & Blue who is one of the leading companies in technology development for multiple segments of the industry and is the best technological ally for key operations in business with clients around the world. It is a leading global provider of proprietary solutions in specific segments of the Logistics, Construction, Industrial Multiple and Defense sectors, a leading Information Technology company


Reinvent and adapt ourselves to the intrinsic needs of the environment in which we live is part of our humanity. Based on this archetype, a new package of products and services is born in the heart of our company that consolidates more than 15 years of experience in technological development and with our broad adaptive capacity, we generate a proposal of immeasurable value, where the best known biosecurity, artificial intelligence and technology systems are integrated, to offer comprehensive solutions at the service of our society, applied to the process of labor and social reactivation,establishing the new paradigms at a global level.

Board members

Made up of excellent human beings with extensive experience

Enrique Tibidor

Chief Information Officer

Jose I Londono

Director of Internacional Operations

Juan Carlos Martinez

Project Manager

Juan Pablo Borra

Director and Market Analyst

Antoni Monti

Director Technological Development Italy